The truly silent, most energy efficient ceiling fans in their class!


Efficient by design

Inspired by elements of nature, we fused advanced Swiss-German engineering and leading Australian design with simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics, and created an altogether different class of eco-efficient products – the world’s most energy efficient ceiling fans*!

Aeratron fans use around 80% less energy than common fans and their unique even air circulation system operates in complete silence creating comfortable environments for living and working. Their organic design meets highest aesthetic demands.

Our customers save up to 50% energy  on indoor heating and cooling, simply by combining our fans wisely with their existing systems. What a great way to contribute to a sustainable future.


e503 is  an international multi-Award Winner 

  • “Gold” @ International Design Awards, for Residential Sustainable Design, Los Angeles 2011
  • “Design Award”   @ The Australian International Design Awards, for Interior and Architectural Products, Melbourne 2011.


Silent by nature

Proven by technical labs and Universities in USA and Australia, Aeratron fans create comfortable conditions for living and working without unpleasant swirling noises and wobbling sounds created by conventional fans:

  • Noiseless movement of our 3d-aerofoil blades is the result of biomimetic engineering inspired by bird wings: the optimized contours of our blades have small winglets designed to minimize air vortex drag and swirl, the typical noise of ceiling fans at higher speeds.
  • The Swiss German-engineered self-balancing system guarantees a quiet, steady performance: it eliminates disturbing sounds caused by wobbling and vibration in conventional fans and keeps the blades in a dynamic equilibrium.
  • Our newly developed DC motor is extremely quiet and reliable, maybe the best DC ceiling fan motor currently in the market

Whether at home, at work, in a gym or in a museum,  Aeratrons create comfortable environments – silently!


Additional benefits include improved health and a boost in productivity.


*Model e502 & e503 of all classes under 60″ (US Energy Star, 2013)+ ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient 2014″ — Ceiling Fans 52 inches and under


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